Breaking Gay News – For Columbus Ohio

NEWS for Columbus! They’re coming…

This Thursday night at 7pm, the anti-gay crew from the Family Research
Council and a  
controversial anti-gay Baptist church preacher
will meet at the Ohio Union on the campus of The Ohio State
University to oppose marriage equality.

But don’t worry: FREEDOM OHIO will be there too and will be joined by
my friend
Elyzabeth Holford, the
new Executive Director of Equality Ohio. Together, Elyzabeth and I will
give these guys a debate they won’t soon forget.


If you
want to join us in person, ABC-6 asks you to fill-out the form located
If you cannot join us
in person, you can watch the live broadcast or live webcast on WSYX Channel
6 or their website.

While we may not change the
minds of those on the stage on Thursday, it is clear to a majority of
Ohioans that this amendment is about family security, civil rights,
and the protection of religious freedom. The truth is, no house of worship
will be required to perform or recognize a wedding that conflicts with
their teachings and beliefs. At the same time, anti-gay houses of worship
and their faithful will not be permitted to stop a loving couple from
marrying; because marriage is and always will be a civil right.

WHO: FreedomOhio and Equality

WHAT: Marriage Town Hall

WHEN: 7-8 pm Thursday,
April 11th

WHERE: The OSU Ohio Union, 1739 N High St. Columbus,
OH 43210