VIENNA Wants Some Gay Travel Dollars

VIENNA is joining the growing list of  European cities, trying to woo the gay travel dollar. 

City authorities in Vienna this month released
a review of the Austrian capital’s gay and lesbian tourism strategy,
deciding to focus on travelers interested in music, culture and history
— and with money to spend.

review followed a study among gay and lesbian travelers from outside of
Vienna that found their average household’s monthly net income was 385
euros ($500) higher than that of other tourists to Vienna.

Clemens Koeltringer, marketing
analyst from the Vienna Tourists Board, said this target group was
“high profile, luxury customers who go to the opera and enjoy very good

“Vienna is not a Mykonos, it
must not be,” Koeltringer told Reuters, referring to the Greek party
destination. “This is the main reason we are differentiating ourselves.”

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