Gay Travel in Brazil Valued at $23 BILLION

We have written about the many gems of South America plenty of times before. (As well as the travel safety warnings).

With cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo ranking in the top 20 global destinations for LGBT travellers during 2013, South America Gay Tourism is a BILLION $$$ Industry. By some estimates, about 23 billion.

(DID YOU KNOW, Sao Paula has the biggest gay pride in the world?)

All this  new research  and data – undertaken by the world’s leading LGBT consulting firm Out Now Global
– reveals for the first time that the value of Brazil’s own LGBT
tourism market is USD$22.9 billion dollars. This figure is a significant
percentage of the total annual global value of (LGBT) leisure travel
spending, which is on course to reach a record USD$181 billion during

The new report gives the clearest-ever picture of the immense scale and potential of Brazil’s LGBT tourism market.

With a per-capita annual travel spend of $2,583 Brazil’s nearly nine
million LBGT people represent a large opportunity for companies and
destinations willing to show their commitment to this market through
appropriate staff training, effective tailored communications and the
delivery of products and services that reflect the concerns of this
growing tourism market.

“LGBT people have grown weary of the number of destinations, hotels and
airlines all claiming to be gay-friendly,” Darren Cooper, from OUT NOW said. “LGBT people do
not experience tourism when they view an advertisement. Whether an LGBT
person has a great holiday is directly correlated to how welcomed they
feel when they stay with a hotel and visit a destination – and it is the
tourism industry staff who serve them during their holiday who have the
most direct bearing upon how well-respected LGBT people feel.”

Copies of the ‘Brazil LGBT2020 Travel Report – 2013’ can be downloaded here