Gay Travel Tip! 5 Affordable Countries to visit NOW

5 AFFORDABLE COUNTRIES YOU SHOULD VISIT NOW!  Albania (pictured),  Bolivia, Vietnam, Iceland and Myanmar. 

As Albania is becoming more and more popular with Brits, so is property
buying.  Already many Brits have spotted the opportunity that Albania
has as an emerging tourism destination and as such many of them own
properties on the Albanian coastline that stretches for over 450

Albania has a rich history, and over 2000 archaeological sites to be
visited.  Albania has three important UNESCO protected sites that are
visited by many.

  • Gjirokastra is one of them, known as the stone city, built on top of
    the mountains with fascinating scenery and the dominant castle that
    overlooks the city.
  • Berat, known as the city of 1000 windows.  Also built on the side of
    the mountains, the characteristic buildings are the dominant feature of
    the city.
  • Butrinti, is an ancient site where Caesar retired after the
    successful battles.  The sites oversee the beautiful island of Corfu.

And the list goes on and on.

Vietnam for $10 day!  Can you believe that? You can get your lodging, food, alcohol, and even transportation for about $10 a day. That is just crazy!  As of 2012, the government is officially debating the issue of allowing
gay marriage and this open discussion is rippling through Vietnamese
society in a fundamental and positive way. From famous poets,
celebrities, and party leaders, gays have, of course, always been an
integral thread in the fabric of Vietnam.

Another cheap spot – Boliva. Eat, drink and have lots of fun for just a few dollars a day. Meals for  $3, and  hotels about
$30/night. Bolivia is a typical “macho” Latin American country where there is deep
rooted prejudice and homosexuality is never discussed. There is a very
small gay scene developing in Santa Cruz and La Paz though with a
greater focus on cruising in the city squares than bars or night clubs. One thing to keep in mind with Bolivia is that there are
reciprocal visa fees for Americans.

ICELAND . The gay scene in Iceland is small, but active and open. Gay and lesbian bars and clubs exist mostly in Iceland’s capital Reykjavík, but the northern branch in Akureyri is growing each year.

Iceland as a gay friendly destination has received great reviews from
visitors — it has landed on various top ten lists and received the “5
Pink Stars” rating by Diva magazine.   There’s never been a better time to go. Take advantage of Icelandair’s
stopover package and take in the glaciers, geysers and so much more. The
Eyjafjallajokull volcano has ignited a spark welcoming tourists to
explore this natural and romantic destination.

Rainbow Reykjavik is a new LGBT festival held in Reykjavik, Iceland
on Jan 30th – Feb 2nd 2014. The 3rd annual festival is a mix of
fascinating culture, amazing nature, fantastic music, great food and a
lot of fun.

Pink Iceland, the only tour operator in Iceland dedicated to LGBT
clientele has put together a fabulous program with the best Reykjavik
and its surroundings has to offer. Pink Iceland’s partners are either
gay owned, gay operated or gay friendly and with a great cooperation of
this Icelandic velvet mafia we hope to make your stay unforgettable.

If you want to experience a part of Asia that simply isn’t seen by most
outsiders right now, head to Myanmar. Because of the small amount of
tourism that the area currently sees, it is a very cheap area to visit.  Myanmarseems frozen in time, but expect everything to change rapidly as the
country opens. You can still see Asian daily life here as it existed
more than a century ago. Almost everywhere you visit is going to be
safe. You must take shoes off at all sacred s, so consider easily
removable footwear (and a wet towel to clean feet).