Taiwan Pushes for Same Sex Marriage Recognition

Taiwan is one of Asia’s most progressive countries as far as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights are concerned, not only since the government attempted to legalize same-sex marriage
in 2003 (which stalled without passage), the first country in Asia to
attempt to do so. Taiwan is also described as the most liberal after
approximately 65,000 attended the Taiwan Pride parade in 2012, making it the largest LGBT event in Asia.

This weekend, Same-sex couples in Taipei, Taiwan symbolically tied the knot down
the road from the presidential palace Saturday in a symbolic mass
“wedding banquet” intended to push the government to recognize same-sex

From Focus Taiwan:

A mass wedding that attracted over 1,000
people was held in downtown Taipei on Saturday, amid a push by local
civic groups to legalize all forms of civil partnerships, including
same-sex marriage, in Taiwan…

The alliance also hoped that the
banquet would drive up support for an amendment that would legalize gay
marriage, civil partnerships, and the adoption of children by diverse
families in Taiwan.

The proposed legislation is set to be submitted to the Legislative Yuan later this month.

AFP adds:

Participants sat around tables decorated
with red cloths printed with the Chinese character for “wedding”, as
they had dinner and watched a video recording of local celebrities
showing support as well as live performances in a makeshift banquet
venue in a square outside the presidential office in Taipei.

looks likes a traditional wedding scene and even if it’s not real, I
think a picture is worth a thousand words and I hope we will get more
public attention and support for same-sex marriages,” said Richard Chen,
a 22-year-old student from Taipei.

According to The China Post, a poll from the United Daily News shows
that 55 percent of the population are in favour of same-sex marriage,
with 37 percent opposed. Though that same poll also pointed out that 61
percent of respondents would not accept their children if they were

“Taiwan is considered one of the more liberal countries in Asia in
terms of homosexual issues and hosts one of the largest gay pride
parades in Asia each year,” according to The China Post.