Gay Games 2014 in Cleveland – and 2018 in Paris

the 2014 Gay Games will be presented by the Cleveland Foundation…one of the
biggest sports and cultural festivals in the world comes to the United
States 9-16 August 2014.

Cleveland+Akron, Ohio, expects to welcome more than 10,000
participants from more than 65 countries. The 2014 Gay Games is about
fun, games and culture too. The founding principles of Participation,
Inclusion and Personal Best mean the Games are open to everybody
regardless of sexual orientation, gender, transgender status, religion,
nationality, political convictions, age, physical condition or athletic
ability. Register, volunteer, donate or simply sign up for the e-newsletter.

Then in 2018 –  PARIS  won the bid for the Gay Games 10. Organizers report:

The international delegates and board of
directors of the Federation of Gay Games voted at the end of a three-day
meeting featuring site inspection reports, question-and-answer
sessions, committee reviews and, a highlight of the event, the oral
presentation by each bidding organization. This meeting was held in
Cleveland, host with Akron, of the 2014 Gay Games, presented by the
Cleveland Foundation next year from 9-16 August.

David Killian, co-chair of the FGG Site Selection Committee, noted some
factors that may have influenced voters in their choice: “The vote is
the result of dozens of individual choices, but some points stood out
for many voters. Paris proposed a wide range of sports in quality
venues, many of which offer good visibility for the event. French LGBT
sport organizations already have a great deal of experience hosting
international multisport tournaments, and their LGBT community presents
outstanding cultural events.

They are already well advanced in
planning, for example, with the designation of a dedicated sports
manager. They arrived with demonstrable political support, including
Minister for Sport Valerie Fourneyron and five-time Olympic fencing
medalist Laura Flessel, who were part of the presentation team. And of
course Paris is a great destination to visit or revisit.”