Travel Tips: Mistakes NOT TO MAKE When Traveling


DID YOU KNOW -Your passport is not always valid right up to the expiration date?! Russia, China and the U.A.E., among others, require that a passport be valid for AT LEAST 6 MONTHS past the date of your flight home.  26 European nations require that passports be valid for AT LEAST 3 MONTHS past the date of your flight home.  You can check the State Departments website for entry and exit requirements.


Time wasting  So you cut corners and are staying at a hotel with no concierge. And you are trying to figure out on your own, how to find a doctor, how to get tickets, how to write a note to your Czech driver instructions on where you need to go … no worries – walk over to the nearest 5 star hotel and go to their concierge!  They are always happy to help anyone in need – even if you are not a hotel guest. It’s nice to give them a tip for their help!

Bring a travel first aid kit
with you – saves you time hunting around a city for first aid needs: Pseudoephedrine (nasal decongestant, helps with “ear pop” from planes) ibuprofen (or other pain killer), decongestant,
NyQuil, bandages, pepto bismol,  imodium, hydrocortizone cream. You will not believe how often
it will come in handy.

VIP PERKS – Traveling and celebrating a special occasion?  Make sure your hotel knows that! Many hotels give free upgrades to milestone birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Hotels want your stay to  be memorable.

Credit  Card Fee’s out of the country – many credit  and debit cards add on a 3%    foreign transaction fee. Not so much anymore. Capital One started waving fee’s a while back – now Chase has 10 travel-rewards credit cards that waive surcharges and can even include free checked baggage.  And they are FREE for the first year.

I Can’t Carry On my Carry On?  More and more the overhead bins are exploding as travelers try to cram everything they have into a carry on, to avoid checking luggage.  Many people also put valuables, jewelry, designer belts, cameras and tablets in the carry on,  to keep them safe. So what happens  when the bins are full and you are told you must surrender your carry on?! Keep all your valuables together, in a small bag, inside your carry on,  that can easily be grabbed out at the last second and stored under your seat.

I start packing 2 weeks before I leave. The second you think of packing something, PACK IT. If you wait, you will forget.

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