5 Hot Spots for Gay Travel in Mexico

Machismo is a way of life for many Mexican males, and because of this
inherent homophobia passed on through generations, Mexico was slow to create
LGBT communities — making it a less than desirable destination for gay travelers. Things have come a long way in this beautiful country, and
individual cities and states are opening their arms to the gay community.

In March 2010, Mexico City approved same-sex marriage, and in 2013, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that a ban on same-sex marriage in Oaxaca was unconstitutional. These
incredible advancements for gays in Mexico have cleared a path for more cities
and states to follow.

From all-inclusive, romantic beach vacations to nightlife, city life and
history — many areas have become hot spots for gay travel, and for good
reasons. Whether you’re looking for a vacation destination or a place to settle
down for a while, these top five locales are not only gay-friendly, they have
large LGBT communities too.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta was one of the first coastal locations to
welcome the gay community, and it has transformed into the perfect mix of
beaches, nightlife and culture to suit party-goers, beach bums, foodies and
shoppers alike. Vallarta attracts gay travelers from around the world as well
as the bigger Mexican metropolises of Guadalajara and Mexico City.

Puerto Vallarta offers hotels, restaurants, clubs, guesthouses, bars and
even beaches that cater specifically to the LGBT community. From the famous gay
beach to gay boating adventures, there’s something for everyone in the
incredibly open, friendly and gorgeous Bahia de Banderas area.



Whether you’re looking for a perfectly serene, romantic getaway or an
off-the-wall party destination, Cancun offers the perfect mix for every
vacationer. Similar to Vallarta, there’s no need to hide your colors here. The
gay scene is vibrant in Cancun’s El Centro region, which features gay clubs,
bars, shops, hotels and restaurants.

Cancun is one of those places that washes all of your stress away with
gorgeous scenery and even more gorgeous water temperatures. And with the most
advanced water purification system in the country, you can drink from any
resort faucet without a worry.

Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world — it’s home to
over 20 million people, which means it has a huge LGBT community too. Stop in
for a few days on the way to your beach destination or settle in and call it
home. Gay marriage is legal here and gay adoptions are legal too.

Take part in one of the largest gay pride parades in all of North and
South America, or if the size of the city overwhelms you, venture to the more
relaxed neighboring districts. Explore the arts in the Roma district or take a
walk through the gay strip in Zona Rosa.

Cabo San Lucas

Enjoy a sophisticated vacation with a dash of crazy nightlife in Cabo
San Lucas. This is the perfect LGBT destination for travelers who want an
upscale vacation with all of the pampering and frills of resort life. Relax by
the pool all day and head to the Rainbow Bar at night, or check the schedule
for an Open Your Mind go-go boy and strip show at the Passion night club.

However if you choose to spend your time in Cabo,
there’s no way you’ll go home wishing you’d been pampered a little more.


Thinking of settling down in Mexico, but the hustle and bustle of Mexico
City just seems like a bit much? Check out the European influenced city of
Guadalajara — the perfect combination of big city, culture and a huge LGBT
community to make you feel right at home.

There are more than gay clubs, bars, restaurants and accommodation in
Guadalajara — the gay community is bustling with LGBT radio programming, a
variety of print publications and an LGBT resource center. The pride parade in
Guadalajara is not quite as huge as the one in Mexico City, but with 200,000
viewers and participants each year, it won’t leave you wanting more.

Although the city has yet to legalize same-sex marriage because of the
heavy Catholic influence and machismo stigma, it is actually home to more gay
bars and clubs than Mexico City.