Utah Says Gay Travel for Marriage to their State is not a Priority


No Surprise!  Utah does not want gays flocking to their state to marry!  While many States have started campaigns to draw same-sex couples. They have no plans to do so!

Salt Lake Tribune says –

A handful of same-sex couples from out
of state have been married in Utah since a federal judge struck down the
state’s ban on gay marriage.

But, unlike several other states where gay
marriage is legal, Utah has no coordinated tourism marketing strategy to
entice same-sex couples to travel here for weddings.

Utah’s tourism and wedding industries so far have not organized any
effort to market to out-of-state couples while the state appeals
Shelby’s ruling, said Jay Kinghorn, spokesman for the Utah Office of
Tourism. Traditionally, he said, the state office has left destination
wedding promotion to local tourism bureaus.