Going for Baroque: Rosary Chapel in Puebla’s church of Santo Domingo


About 2 hours from Mexico City is The Rosary Chapel (Capilla del Rosario) is one of Mexico’s most famous chapels and is inside the Templo de Santo Domingo situated in the center of the city, at the intersection of 5 de Mayo and 4 Poniente. The Templo de Santo Domingo was built between 1571 and 1611 while the Chapel –  between 1650and 1690. The Chapel is a magnificent example of Mexican Baroque art.

Every inch of the walls, ceiling, pillars and portals is covered with tiles, gold leaf, sculptures and carving. The chapel was built by natives under the instruction of the Spaniards (reflected by many Spanish-style paintings on the walls). At the top of the altar, which is made of wood and gold leaf and surrounded by marble columns sits the Archangel Gabriel. Also famous is the heavenly orchestra of cherubim surrounded by a riot of arabesques.    Read More at Visit Mexico.