A Britain Locked up Moroccan prison – for being GAY

This is EXACTLY why I will not travel

                              to anti-gay destinations!

People say I should see  Dubai  and just act very straight.  That me and my partner should see Russia  and get separate rooms.  We were recently invited on an African Safari in Tanzania.  When they found out we were gay writers, she said as long as we acted straight, and did not kiss or touch each other, everything  “should be ok“.  Should be?? I will not step foot on soil that would put my life in jeopardy.

A Brit has been locked up in a filthy Moroccan prison – for being GAY.

Ray Cole, 69, from Deal in Kent, was on holiday in Marrakesh last month to visit a Moroccan man, Jamal Jam Wald Nass.

But the pair were approached at a bus stop by police officers, and were arrested under suspicion of homosexuality, Pinknews.co.uk reported.

Retired magazine publisher Ray has been locked up since September 18 while his desperate family have pleaded with the Moroccan authorities to free him.

His distraught son Adrian Cole claims the authorities failed to notify his family or the British Consulate of the arrest, and Mr Cole was feared missing for nearly a week before he was eventually able to get in contact.

Both Mr Cole and Mr Jam Wald Nass were sentenced to four months in prison on October 2.

When police searched Mr Cole’s mobile phone and found a photograph of the two men together, it was used in court as ‘proof’ of homosexual acts.

Adrian Cole said: “The trial was a complete farce, it was just farcical.”

Homosexuality is still a crime in Morocco, with a maximum possible sentence of three years, with Adrian Cole noting “it could have been a lot worse”.