Beautiful and CHEAP beach towns to retire in

I was born in a small town in Michigan but always knew  I was a big city gay boy!  So I moved to the Detroit area  when I was 20.  Spent  about  17 years  there  but loved going to Chicago for events and buying trips. We eventually moved to Chicago and  we have spent the last 21 years living here   and READY  TO  LEAVE  THE  US!  The  taxes  have gotten  outrageous.  The cost of living keeps  going  UP AND  UP.  As I think about retirement,  there is  NO WAY  we can stay  here.  Plus,  I want a beach town.  Relaxed life  and  lower  cost of living.

FOR  US,  Puerto  Vallarta Mexico is  our  choice  and we are packing  now  and planning to sell our condo next year.

I follow the site  Thrillistand they did a great article  called

The World’s Most Beautiful—and Cheapest—Beach Towns for Expats!

How many times have you been on an island vacationdreading your return to “real life,” wishing there was a way this beachside bliss could last just a little longer?

There  are  SO MANY  cool  places  to move  to and you can save so much money!

Imagine living in Portugal on a budget  of  $1500 a month?!

Live in Columbia  for  $500 a month

Though the European coastlines can be comparatively expensive, there are still bargains to be had in Split. This little town on the Adriatic Sea has beaches that people from all over the world travel days to lie on, yet beers are still under three bucks in most bars and rent in the city center can be had for less than $600!  Check out this great article on Thrillist!