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What is Gay Travel?

What is GAY TRAVEL?  What is a  GAY  HOTEL?  
I attended a meeting last week in Chicago, where the OUT NYC  gay resort hotel presented to community, a proposal to open their 2nd  gay property, right in the heart of Chicago’s gay Boystown. 
I was SHOCKED by all the gay people, who said, “why do we need a gay hotel?  We talk about acceptance and equality, then turn around and want our own hotel.”

I stayed at the AXEL in Barcelona 5 years ago – and thought WHAT A GREAT CONCEPT!
There have been gay resorts forever in Key West, Palm Springs and Provincetown. Now to have a whole gay hotel in major cities, I think, is an excellent idea.  
Maybe it’s a age thing. I’m 50. I grew up in a small town in Michigan. As soon as I was 19, I headed for the big city in search of other gay people. The  Castro in San Francisco, WeHo  in  Los Angeles, Boystown in Chicago, all become thriving LGBT communities.  
While it is true, gay people have spread out into the masses now,  we are not now, nor will we ever be 100%  accepted by EVERYONE. 
A writer recently explained how he finds comfort in the gay community, even though he has many straight friends, “Boystown is my go-to, my very own Cheers, but on a larger scale. I’m
certainly not alone, but as the weather starts to warm and the bar scene
beckons ever more urgently, I keep asking myself: Is this really a good
use of my time in Chicago, a progressive city with so much to do? Do I
need to bust out of Boystown for a change? I’m not so sure.

LGBT people understand what I’m talking about. Boystown is a gay
refuge, rainbow pillars and all. It’s become the place that we, as a
community, have built for ourselves over the years at times when most of
society told us we had no place. And in regards to going out, it’s a
community where many gay folks feel the most safe when tossing back a
few beers.

Sure, society has come a long way in terms of LGBT rights, but things
aren’t really that perfect yet. We, as LGBT people, still have a lot of
things to worry about when thinking of going out for a night on the

(Please read his full article).

I have many straight friends – but I frequent gay bars more than straight bars. And when I go on vacation, I seek out the gay community in whatever city, what country I am in. It’s HOME. It’s MY  PEOPLE. You  know you are among similar people with similar stories. 
I  LOVE my straight friends – but I do not want to take a straight cruise. While it is true, more and more cities and hotels are now “gay-friendly”, rolling out the pink carpet for our dollars, for me given the choice, I try to support my community 100% whenever I can. 

Winter Party 2013 takes over South Beach March 6-11

Over 10,000 guests from around the world attend our annual
six-day extravaganza
featuring the most spectacular venues, the most
unforgettable parties and receptions and the best international DJ

Launched in 1994 as a one-time charity dance event on the sands of
beautiful South Beach, Winter Party Festival has evolved into a
week-long series of events benefiting the LGBT community nationally and
locally.  A portion of the net proceeds of WPF support the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force‘s
efforts to take action, build power and create change for LGBT
people. The majority of the proceeds are donated to local service
organizations through a grant-making process administered by The Miami Foundation.

March 6-11, 2013!!



Maui Hawaii Celebrate Gay Marriage this Week

Paradise is a strong word, and I don’t use it lightly. But Maui, Hawaii
is truly a paradise in every way.

It has glorious warm weather all
year, with just enough of a breeze from the trade winds to keep you
feeling refreshed. The tropical greenery and colourful flowers are
spectacular, and there’s nothing better than the relaxing sound of the
surf crashing on the beach as you drift off to sleep every night.
Wouldn’t you want to get married in Paradise?!

A gay Oklahoma City couple is happy to be on Maui and among the
first couples to be joined in a civil union after a state law allowing
such unions went into effect last  Sunday.

“We are proud to be part of
it,” said 40-year-old Rich Tucker, a mortgage company owner, shortly
before his Monday sunset ceremony with partner 37-year-old David Dobson,
a Realtor.

“We wanted to have the ceremony somewhere tropical. It’s awesome to have accepting people that accept everyone. No one
is segregated,” Tucker said about Hawaii and the civil unions law.

Dobson added: “In Oklahoma, it’s still very much the Bible Belt.”

Industry insiders have said they expect that the law legalizing civil unions, which took effect Jan. 1, will lead to a boost in tourism among same-sex visitors. Hotel executives said they’re actively reaching out to the gay and lesbian community with promotions and packages aimed at couples who are eager to make their commitment official.

“We’ve had 10 ceremonies booked so far,” said Chuck Spence, owner of the Maui Sunseeker LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered) Resort in Kihei. “Already we’ve also seen an immediate boost in bookings, and not just because of civil unions, but because the law also opens up the perception by the gay and lesbian community that Hawaii is truly a welcoming state. We are aloha.”

Hawaii’s hard-fought civil unions law was bitterly opposed by conservative and Christian groups, who said the measure posed a threat to heterosexual marriage and traditional families.

Deacon Walter Yoshimitzu of the Honolulu Roman Catholic Diocese said marriage should be only between a man and a woman.

“Even with civil unions, we believe it is same-sex marriage by another name,” he said.

State Sen. Roz Baker, who represents West and South Maui and was a supporter of the civil unions bill, said she hoped the law would attract couples to Hawaii.

“Let’s face it, too, nowhere is the weather nicer, or are there as many beautiful places to visit year round, than in Hawaii,” she said, adding that “the wedding business has always been good to Maui.” Year round the weather is gorgeous!

But she and West Maui Rep. Angus McKelvey noted that the new civil unions license will be recognized only in Hawaii, so they anticipated it to attract a wave but not a tsunami of same-sex visitors.

“It’s not going to be a billion-dollar law,” McKelvey said.

More significant than its ability to attract visitors, he said, the law was important for gays and lesbians living in Hawaii, because it would give them the same rights as heterosexual couples.

“We still have a long way to go,” said spokesman Don Bentz for Equality Hawaii of Honolulu, a gay rights advocacy group. “If a couple, let’s say, comes from Florida (which doesn’t have gay marriage or civil unions), they have rights here but lose them after the plane ride.”

Frank  and Kevin, who own a wedding service on Maui, have been performing ceremonies for heterosexual and gay couples, recognized or not, for many years. They’ve said they expect their numbers to go from nearly 40 ceremonies a year to more than 100.

Maui SunSeeker  is  going to provide group room discounts and gifts like champagne. Rich and David were the first guests to tie the knot!

He noted that they’re bringing friends – as others certainly will – and that the tourists will spend money at other Maui businesses.

“In regard to tourism, absolutely this will have a great impact. No question,” said Spence, whose hotel currently has 25 rooms and now plans to add more.

Applications and information about civil unions are available online at


Best Gay Beaches Around the World

Beach season is
       here Boys and Girls!

In no particular order, here are some of our favorite gay beaches from around the world! 

CHICAGO –  When you think of Chicago, you don’t usually think of beaches! You’ll almost mistake Lake Michigan for an ocean with its vast expanse and seemingly endless shore. 28 miles with 29 beaches! 

The gay beach is Hollywood Beach. (AKA Kathy Osterman Beach) The gays and gay friendly people hang out at the southern end of the beach.  Weather permitting, the gay boys will be out sunnning themselves late April thru October! But any given Sunday in the summer there are about 200-400 people out here.


Warm your toes in the golden sands of Greater Fort Lauderdale’s 23 miles of sun-kissed beaches.
Stroll, jog, or rollerblade along Fort Lauderdale’s palm tree fringed, brick-lined beachfront promenade. Pass by the world famous Elbo Room, site of the 1960’s “Where the Boys Are” movie starring George Hamilton and Connie Francis.


Gay Fort Lauderdale has four popular gay beaches. The Ft. Lauderdale gay beaches include:

Sebastian Street & A1A-  the most popular
Located between Sunrise Boulevard and Las Olas Boulevard.

Terramar Street & A1A
Located three traffic lights south of Sunrise Boulevard. This is the place where all the tourists staying at the gay resorts tend to go.

NE 18th & A1A
A beach popular with the locals. Out and About recommends this as a nice cruisy beach.

John Lloyd State Park (Dania)
US1 to Dania Beach Boulevard. There is an entry fee.

Haulover Beach –  for the more daring
A clothing-optional beach is located at Haulover Beach four miles south of Hallendale. In North Miami.

In Miami, South Beach is not nearly as gay or as fun as it was in the late 90’s, early 2000’s –  however, gays still go there. 12th Street Beach, which is just off Ocean Drive, across the street from the Palace Restaurant and Bar and beyond the grassy landscaped area. Nudity is not permitted here, but that doesn’t stop the many sexy sunbathers here from wearing the skimpiest possible swimsuits and g-strings.

Speaking of Skimpy suits –  Copacabana beach and district of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the winner! 

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Rio has quite a vibrant gay life and is famous for the New Years Eve celebrations at the Copacabana beach, the gay beach at Ipanema and of course the Rio Carnival, which is celebrated in the streets and in the massive Sambadrome. The boys in Brazil like to wear next to nothing!

SITGES SPAIN – Unspoiled by the tourist boom of the 1960’s, Sitges has retained that “picture-postcard” look, with narrow cobbled streets, beautiful Spanish architecture and unspoilt scenic views; a world away from the plastic and the concrete of the more traditional Spanish resorts along the Costa Brava and Costa Del Sol. With a microclimate of its own Sitges has over 300 days of Sunshine with temperatures ranging from 26 C.  to 33 C.  degrees (70-90 F) during the Summer months. This is Spain as it was meant to be… but even better!

17 beaches  total! There is 1 main gay beach and  2 nudist beaches. The Gay Beach – Playa De la Bassa Rodona.   5 minute walk from the town center. Directions: Turn right when you get to the sea front. The beach is located between the Life Guard Station and Picnic restaurant.

 La Playa De La Bossa Rodona, directly below the Picnic Restaurant, opposite the Hotel Calipolis. Over the past number of years it has been attracting more of a straight clientele, but it still is packed with gay boys during the peak season. You will know when you get there! Its not difficult to miss the bronzed bodies, the skintight speedos and the designer glasses and beach towels.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico –
Sundrenched beaches, vibrant cultural festivals and menus of exotic cocktails allure 2 million visitors a year to Puerto Vallarta from around the world.

For years the Puerto Vallarta gay beach has been known simply as the Blue Chairs, the popular beachfront bar, restaurant and resort located near the southern end of Playa Los Muertos, the principal Vallarta beach. The gay beach in PV also includes a good portion of the Green Chairs next door at Ritmos Beach Cafe restaurant. The friendly clientele at these gay beaches sit under the many round, thatched palapas for shade or lay out on their towels to soak up the tropical heat and Mexican sun. On any day of the winter high season, there are several hundred gay men sunning, partying, talking, eating, drinking, cruising and playing in the water.

MAUI HAWAII – Little Beach.  Tucked behind Pu’u Ola’i and separated from Big Beach by a 30-foot bluff. The water was crystal clear,warm,and inviting.Clothing is optional but one can leave something on. Lots of interesting people. People with families,straight couples,gay couples,people who looked like they live on the beach,friends,loners,and everything inbetween!  A very fun time!

What’s your favorite gay beach from around the world?


Gay Nude Beaches Around the World

There are GAY BEACHES…
and then there are GAY NUDE BEACHES!

Gay Nude Beaches are  few and far between, but they do exist.   I have listed a few of the  gay  nudes beaches I have enjoyed….as well as a few we have read about.

San Diego –  Blacks Beach – Probably one of the most famous gay nude beaches. There is no easy to get there!  It’s a bit of hike, a climb and a jump! There is info online with suggested routes to access Blacks Beach.

Both Province Town, which has Herring Cove Beach and  Saugatuck, MI, (the Provincetown of the Midwest)  has Oval Beach. Both  have sort of a nude beach area. TECHNICALLY, at both beaches, laws prohibit nudity. But it seems no one really seems to care and it is not enforced by the authorities.

At Herring Cove beach, full nudity is usually only found about 3/4 mile further down the beach at the end of the gay men section.  At Oval Beach, gays head towards the the back dunes area of Oval Beach, which  is perfect for sunbathing in the nude.

Just south of North of Miami, you will find Haulover Park and Beach.
South Florida Free Beaches/Florida Naturist Association, Inc. founded the clothing optional section of Haulover Beach Park in North Miami in 1991. There is a straight section on the right, and the gays hang out on the left! It is super busy on holiday weekends!  I was there on a non holiday weekday, and there were about 200 gays out there!

If you go down under to Australia, Sydney has Lady Jane Beach. Lady Jane Beach (official name is Lady Bay Beach) is located just at the mouth of the Sydney Harbour, where Sydney Harbour meets the open sea, the Tasman Sea. From Lady Jane beach you have the most spectacular views which any beach can boast to have. Apart form the gorgeous naked man frolicking around you; you also have the Sydney Harbour in the background, Obelisk Gay Nude beach just across the harbour directly opposite Lady Jane, Manly Harbour to your right and the open ocean if you walk to the lighthouse.

If you know some more, please feel free to share in the comments section!



Gay Travel to Cancun Mexico

The Mayan Riviera (Riviera Maya) is the coastline from Cancún down to Tulúm. It is fast becoming the vacation destination of choice for the international LGBT gay community. They are all the same reasons that heterosexual families flock to the Méxican Caribbean – the paradise setting; the tropical weather; the beautiful beaches; the Mayan archaeological sites; the party atmosphere; the food, drink and fun. However, there is the added benefit that, unlike many other countries, México welcomes them. The gay vacationer can enjoy the same civil rights as at home or, in some cases, even exceed them.

For years Puerto Vallarta has been a haven for gays, but now many other areas like Cancun are becoming hotspots.

In 2009, federal law legalized same-sex marriage, though it was up to the individual states whether they wished to allow this under state law. So far, México City and the state of Coahuila have signed up, but Quintana Roo can’t be far behind. It is also legal in México for transgender people to officially change their name and gender; and for homosexuals to adopt children.

The Riviera Maya isn’t awash with exclusively gay resorts and clubs, though they do exist. This is mainly because it’s not seen as that big a deal. Gay men and women just merge with their heterosexual counterparts, simply eyeing up a different gender in the clubs.

Nightlife in Cancun doesn’t really get started until 10pm or later, and lasts until 5 in the morning. Looking for addresses in Cancun can be tricky, but the cab drivers know most of clubs by name. Buses run frequently between El Centro and Zona Hotelera and El Centro is walkable.

Cancún traditionally hosts an International Gay Festival in May and a smaller festival in the fall. There is a Pride Parade in the city during June.

But there is another reason to go to Cancun. On a recent visit there, I ran into some gay guys on the beach who said they were visiting from Palm Springs. For vacation, but also for dental work! 

Besides the white sandy beaches and gorgeous water (the Caribbean has 7-different colors of turquoise!), cosmetic surgeries and dental procedures  can be had with huge savings. Sometimes as much as 70% off what you pay in the United States.

This couple were having Porcelain Veneers done while vacationing 9 days in Cancun! How great is that! And what they saved in Mexico on the work, more than paid for their entire trip!

Of course you want to choose a doctor or dentist that has all of the proper accreditations.  And check references and testimonials.  This particular couple was using Cancun Dentistry .  And they couldn’t say enough good things about the doctor and his staff.

While in Cancun you won’t want to miss a trip to the Mayan ruins at Ruinas del Rey and Yamil Lu’um, both in the Zona Hotelera. Whatever you do while in Cancun, you are sure to have an amazing tropical vacation. And you can even walk away with a new smile!

Read  More  at  ENDLESS CANCUN .

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Gay Chicago – Culture, Shopping, Restaurants, and Beaches?

 is world reknowned for its culture, shopping and fantastic resturants. But did you know Chicago is well known for it’s many beaches? 

You’ll almost mistake Lake Michigan for an ocean with its vast expanse and seemingly endless shores. With beautiful crystal clear blue water as far as the eye can see, you may think you’ve gone from Chicago to southern California.

24 Miles of lakefront, 31 Beaches,
15 Beach walks and 9 Harbors

Chicago beaches are free to the general public, and officially open for swimming from the Friday before Memorial Day to Labor Day, 9am – 9:30pm.
However, if weather permits, the beaches in Chicago can have sun bathers in early April  and as late as October – but there are no lifegaurds on duty.

The gay beach is Hollywood Beach. (AKA Kathy Osterman Beach) The gays and gay friendly people hang out at the southern end of the beach.  Weather permitting, the gay boys will be out sunnning themselves late April thru October! But any given Sunday in the summer there are about 200-300 people out here.

Chicago also has the most swimable and most guarded waterfront of any single municipality in the world. While many patrons complain about the cleanliness of the water, Chicago boasts the cleanest urban waterfront in the United States, and second in the world only to Stockholm; water is tested daily by the Chicago Park District for E. coli and other dangers.

The beach is loacted in the Andersonville area.  Boystown is still the original  gayborhood, about 2 mile south. 

Over the last 20 years a lot of the gay population in Chicago have moved from Boystown Chicago apartments , north to establish this second gay neighborhood. While not as large as Boystown there are a handful of gay bars, businesses and resturants.

 A large lesbian and gay population  has developed here and seems to be growing.  Plus, you will find lower rents than the higher priced Boystown.

Downtown Chicago apartments  are usually the highest priced in the city. While downtown is bustling with business, shopping,  tons of culture and fabulous restuarants, not too many gay people live in downtown proper. Plus, the gay areas are only a couple miles away from all of the downtown excitement.

As long as you can withstand  about 12 weeks of blustery winter weather, Chicago is an amazing city, with lots to offer!

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Homophobia on the Rise in South Beach…Gay Fort Lauderdale Continues to Flourish


is the neighborhood that encompasses  about 25 blocks in the city of Miami Beach. 

In the 1920’s-1930’s South Beach  brought Art Deco, Streamline Moderne, and Nautical Moderne architecture to the Beach. During the 1970’s-1980’s the area was used as a retirement community with most of its ocean-front hotels and apartment buildings filled with elderly people living on small, fixed incomes.

This period also saw the introduction of the “cocaine cowboys,” drug dealers who used the area as a base for their illicit drug activities. Scarface and even Miami Vice , typified this activity. The town became very run down and there were vacant and boarded up buildings everywhere.

So what happens? Gays cleaned it up. In the late 1980s, a renaissance began in South Beach, with an influx of  “fashion industry professionals” moving into the area. South Beach started to become  “fabulous” and gay clubs sprouted up everywhere.

It became this extremely popular entertainment mecca, thanks to the media. By the mid 1990’s, the rest of the straight world started to capitalize on this small area. More and more big straight clubs popped up and by the late 2000, many from  Miami proper would come over and drink and cause trouble. We call that the “bridge and tunnel crowd”.  When suburbanites come in and start taking over “our towns”. It’s no longer fun at that point.

Gianni Versace was murdered  in 1997.  I really view that as a turning point.  Within a couple years, South Beach was changing. And not in a good way. I was last there in 2004 for the famous Winter Party, which attracts  several thousand gay people. Even with that many gays in town, my partner and I DID NOT feel safe walking  the streets at night.  Straight kids in cars drove past and yelled  “faggots”  at  us   and one car even hurled a bottle at us. We walked in somewhere for a slice of pizza late night and straight teenagers  mumbled “gay this” and “fag that”  under their breath, but loud enough to hear. We were told by locals at that time, that many gays are starting to relocate to Fort Lauderdale.  I have not been back to South Beach since.

It has just gotten worse in the last 5 years as the area has become a late night drinking straight town. This month in the news, gay bashings are on the rise there. State of Florida records stated that 75% of the anti-homosexual hate crimes in Miami-Dade County in 2009 occurred in South Beach/Miami Beach. It’s still chic and expensive there. Major developers have invested billions there. But the gays are getting out.

“South Beach isn’t the free-spirited haven of gayness it once was.” says writer Natalie  O’Neill from  Miami New Times.

Tony Lopez was celebrating the White Party this past November. Another huge gay event which brings thousands into the town. It was 4am and he wandered into a popular place for some take-out food. As he approached the line for food, an aggressive 20-something staggered up to him.

“Got a cigarette?” he asked. Tony shook a Marlboro Mild from the pack and handed him one.

Right then, a gang — Tony remembers four men — “appeared out of the woodwork.” They shoved him into the alley behind the restaurant, yelled “Fucking faggot!” and began to punch him. He fell to the ground and tried to shield his head as they kicked him in the face.

(Fort Lauderdale below)

O’Neill reports, “In a five-year span, the State Attorney’s Office reported 26 incidents, half of which were in Miami Beach. Victims include a lounge singer who was stripped naked and hogtied and a magazine publisher who was viciously beaten.

It’s surprising when you consider South Beach’s heyday as a sparkling gay playground, where oiled-up boys frolicked between wild foam parties and the hub of hedonism that was the Versace mansion. Nobody thought twice about casual sex in Flamingo Park or flamboyant public fashion shoots, and — at its peak — MTV was even there to glamorize it all.” – which really became the downfall of South Beach. It was a  “kept secret” for a while but once it became celebritized by the rich and famous and sensationalized by television and film, it was no longer a  secret!

I am not saying don’t go to South Beach. There are still fun clubs and fun parties there.
But YOU MUST BE CAREFUL. Walk in groups and not alone. Especially at night, when most of the trouble starts

Gay Fort Lauderdale has been a haven for gay and lesbian travelers for decades. But in the last 5 years, it has seen tremendous growth as South Beach shifted.  In addition to being a  very gay friendly city ,  Fort Lauderdale has more than 100 gay-owned establishments including hotels/guesthouses, bars, clubs and restaurants, plus the second largest Metropolitan Community Church congregation in the United States and three gay and lesbian publications. Gay Ft. Lauderdale has three popular gay beach areas on Fort Lauderdale’s 23 miles of wide, sandy beach.

Fort Lauderdale continues to reign supreme as one of the most popular gay destinations in North America.

Read more on SoBe  from Natalie O’Neill.

Visit Fort Lauderdale info       Get a Free Fort Lauderdale calendar/planner!

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Gay Sitges – Gay Paradise – The St. Tropez of Spain! Part 2


When the Roman’s first visited Spain over two thousand year’s ago they built a town called Subur. Sitges now stands on that very same spot. We all know how the Roman centurions liked to party and that tradition continues to this very day. Welcome to Sitges, a party-town like no other.

Traveling to Sitges is easy, accommodations plentiful, the climate perfectly Mediterranean, the people relaxed, the beaches long and sandy, the food and drink easy to come by and full of regional variety.

Sitges is often called the St. Tropez of Spain and the Crown Jewel of the Mediterranean. In ways, I found the lay of the land similar to Puerto Vallarta and the village is very old and full of charm.

Last week we gave you an overview of this great gay village by sea, this week we’ll take a little closer look at a few of many, many, MANY stores and bars in this small village.


We highly recommend  PARROTS HOTEL. In the heart of Sitges, just one block from the glittering Mediterranean Sea and the beach. A gay urban oasis!  The rooms are modern, confortable, clean with all the amenities you would expect. Room safe, flat screen TV, big beds and many rooms have balconies or terraces. Free wi-fi in the lobby. Plus a friendly, helpful staff!

The laid-back ambiance and gracious staff of the Parrots prove ideal to the casual traveller who´s looking for a place where anything goes. No worries, no attitude, just fun times.

The staff has extensive local knowledge and is willing to answer questions or source tourist information to ensure or source tourist information to ensure your stay is a memorable one – challenge them and be surprised!

A generous continental style buffet-breakfast is included in the price of your stay. This can be enjoyed in our spacious breakfast room, in the shade of the patio terrace, or under the blue morning skies on our large sun terrace.

The upper sun terrace is the place to be for those who have an aversion to sand, while the elegant lobby and bar becomes a cool retreat on balmy summer nights.

Parrots  also owns a gay sauna (located right inside the building) plus a restaurant, offering a delicious set menu and a full a la carte option, Parrots Restaurant also boasts an excellent wine list. The outside terrace is especially popular. Reservations are recommended.

And they have a great VIP Program. When you stay with them you get VIP access and exclusive discounts to all of their properties, including free entrance to  the on site Sauna, as well as some deals around town with participarting merchants.


If you would rather “get away” from the bustling village, just a stones throw up in the mountains is a modern Country villa guesthouse with 6 large private en-suite guestrooms! 

We highly recommend  CASA ROSA SITGES , it is situated  just 15 minutes by car from Sitges and it´s beautiful beaches,  in the beautiful & romantic hills of the wine region Penedés. And they offer a shuttle service down to Sitges or can help arrange for a rental car if you really want to explore the area. 

Your hosts Thomas and Bjorn, make you feel welcomed and right at home. It is a wonderful personal touch that often you do not get when staying at large hotels. It’s very relaxing here with lots of space, more laid back than staying right in the heart of the action, but just minutes away from the fun, so it easy to go back and fourth.

Casa Rosa is the ideal getaway for those who are looking for a relaxing holiday on the quiet hillside of Olivella.

Whether you want to enjoy nature, walking, mountainbiking, hot air ballooning, sun and relax by the pool or to discover the local culture just around the corner. You will find it all here!

SHOPPING!  I  found  AMAZING  deals  here!  And very cool European clothing by many designers that  you just can’t find in the US. And I love this village because everything is SO CLOSE.  Everything is within a 3-7 minute walk.

Some of my favorite shops  for men’s clothes included …

  Boyzone  – Bonaventura, 18         Very cool, fabulous cutting edge styles.  
  Dive    – Gaudenci, 12                   Mid market clothing.  Great collection of  casual styles.
  Dive Outlet   – Joan Tarrida, 3     Clearance store. Love a sale! 
  Ovlas   – Francesc, 22                  Mid market clothing. 
  Oscar  – Marques Montroig, 2     Awesome underwear and jean collections. 
                                                            D&G, Cavalli, Armani, Alexander McQueen and more.
  Replay  – Francesc, 36               Casual popular euro company.
   ZAK – Sant Francesc, 1           Very nice! Unique/boutique designs and beautifully tailored. And affordable.

There are also many home design and furnishing shops as well as  art shops.


This is  a  party town, especially in the summer!  Atlántida disco GBP held every Tuesday in the high season. A large open air disco right on the sea front. There is a free bus from in front of the Calipolis Hotel (Where the gay beach is), on the sea front. As you can see from the video, it gets packed and the talent is out of this world!  MATINEE Group is just one of the big names here you will see.

There are also 2 big parties geared more towards Lesbians (and their friends). Marypili, a bar right next door to Parrots Hotel, organizes Fiesta Lola in April  and the  Legends Party in August (on the 10th), which draws over 2000  people! There are events and parties all year in Sitges, but especially May through September. So you may want to look at the online guides we have listed or check in with Parrots, as you may want to plan your trip around one of the events. Lesbian events, Bear Parties, Carnaval, Fiesta Mayor and endless dance and beach parties, all with themes!

The first gay disco in Spain opened in Sitges 25 years ago. It is still going stronger than ever. Trailer’s foam parties on Sunday night are world renowned. (Angel Vidal, 36)Hands get frisky as the foam level rises. This is a big disco – and Organic is the other big disco. (Bonaire, 10). Both of these are a later night crowd.

There are dozens of smaller clubs and cafes to pick from – Marypili and El Horno, are just steps outside the door of Parrot’s. And Parrot’s has a Pub, a Terrace, and  a restaurant, as well as the hotel and sauna. Everything is close by, just minutes from each other, so it is very easy to jump from place to place.   While we were there we also enjoyed  B-Side, Man Bar, XXL, Le Male Bar  and Organic. Many of the stores and Cafes have gay pocket maps available. 

The village is full of cafes and restaurants!  People watching is a favorite sport here in the summer, visitors like to sit at the outdoor cafés hoping either to be seen or to see some one else!  There are SO MANY to choose from. It just depends what you are looking for.

Crepes at El Capricho, Italian at Vesuvio, International cuisine at Monroe’s – the list is endless. While shopping one evening we stopped into a tiny place called  Road Cafe, Parrelledes 13. And we had one of the best thin crust pizza’s  and HUGE  glasses of wine, it was very good.

The entire beachfront is dotted with outdoor cafes. Being the Italian lovers we are, we went to Ristorante Pizzeria Claudius and sat on the patio watching people, sipping on wine and snacking on Calamari.

Sitges is very international. Almost 35% of the ca. 26,000 inhabitants are from the Netherlands, Great Britain, France and Scandinavia.  And tourists come from all over the world.


 Many tourists fall in love with it and decide to move here! The property prices  here are approaching those of the most expensive European cities, the main reason for this being the beautiful setting by the sea and the surrounding Parc Natural del Garraf. – However, if you are from the US, you won’t be sticker-shocked by the prices. It is not outrageous.

Sitges has to be one of the easiest gay destinations to visit. It is just 20 minutes train journey from Barcelona. And the resort is the perfect base for exploring the other parts of Cataluna. Universal Studios theme park is nearby at Port Aventura, and the ancient monastery of Montserrat  is in the mountains to the north.


SITGES….a gem in the Mediterranean!  We were told it is the prefect day or two trip getaway from Barcelona. I could come back here for a week! But be prepared to fall in love and perhaps spend the rest of your life in this quaint, unique little town!

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GAY SITGES – Spain – Wonderful Gay Beach and Vacation Spot

We stumbled
       onto SITGES

quite by accident. We were in Barcelona for a few days last month and met someone at the AXEL HOTEL lounge, who was visiting Barcelona  for the day, but staying in Sitges. They told us they were staying a week in the beautiful, romantic, old seaside beach town, just 20 minutes  away! Well, we had two days left. The next morning we packed our bags and hopped a train over to Sitges!

WOW! And I am glad we did! We are planning on going back soon to spend a week! For such a small town (village actually, only  about 5 miles square)  I have never seen a gayer  town! MUCH  gayer than  Key West. This is GAY PARADISE!

Unspoiled by the tourist boom of the 1960’s, Sitges has retained that “picture-postcard” look, with narrow cobbled streets, beautiful Spanish architecture and unspoilt scenic views; a world away from the plastic and the concrete of the more traditional Spanish resorts along the Costa Brava and Costa Del Sol. With a microclimate of its own Sitges has over 300 days of Sunshine with temperatures ranging from 26 C.  to 33 C.  degrees (70-90 F) during the Summer months. This is Spain as it was meant to be… but even better!

Not only is Sitges beautiful in every respect, from its quaint, narrow streets to its beautiful beaches but in terms of sheer convenience for the gay holiday maker, there’s nowhere else like it.

Everything from the gay bars to the gay discos to the gay restaurants to the gay beaches to the gay cruising area to gay shopping to your gay hotel are all within a 5-10 minute walk of each other. BIGGER isn’t always better!  It’s the perfect gay holiday in a neat little package!

Sitges has a long-standing gay appeal, and one of the most popular gay holiday spots in Europe, being renowned as a bohemian hang-out and artist’s colony since the early nineteen hundreds. Painters such as Picasso, Dali and Miro adored the town. It was also a favourite of writers, Tennessee Williams and Douglas Fairbanks. The artistic heritage lingers on in several fine galleries and art museums.  

Mid April  thru mid October  gets  VERY  BUSY!  Book  ahead! 
The resort’s population swells from 25,000 to 250,000 revellers during peak season  with most of the tourists either gay or curious!  –  Off season, Sitges takes on a more relaxed atmosphere has many festivals and events and is perfect for that second holiday or weekend getaway –  still lots to see and do and less crowded.

17 beaches  total! There is 1 gay beach, 2 nudist beaches, 450 Shops, dozens of outdoor cafes, amazing restaurants, 20 gay bars, 2 amazing nightclubs, 2 very busy Saunas and thousand of hot homo hombres to keep you busy.  The partying starts at 11pm and doesn’t finish until 6am at the earliest. – We’ll be covering great places to stay and wonderful shops and eating, more in depth  next week!

Diversity is the norm in Sitges rather than the exception and people from all walks of life are made welcome. If you’ve always wondered what the world would be like if we could all live side by side without sexual orientation being an issue, this is where to see how it’s done!

If you’ve never been to Sitges, you really don’t know what you’re missing. It has a very special culture. It may not be blatantly obvious at first, but once you take a step back, relax and watch what’s going on around you, you’ll realize what a very special place Sitges is.

Come and see what fun we’re all having, get to know the locals and their habits, and have a holiday like you’ve never had before!

Next week we’ll explore the city and it’s offerings more in depth.

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Gay Beach Season! Head to the Beach With Something Unique from Spain – ES COLLECTION Barcelona

Gay Beach Season
is just weeks away!

(Depending on where you live…)

and if you want something NO ONE ELSE has yet, this hot new line from Barcelona is what you need! 


Previously only available in Spain, it is spreading worldwide this year, but still in limited quantities.

Now going into its fourth  year of production they will be unveiling the 2010  underwear collection this fall in the US. I just got back from Barcelona and bought a couple of the swimsuits from the 2009 collection – VERY HOT! Clean lines, fresh styles, bold color combinations and amazing fit!

This swimwear and underwear for men, is honestly some of the hottest styles we have seen with PERFECT construction and craftsmanship. Made in Barcelona, “ES tries to be unique, different and fresh in a market that is fast and more brands are joining this fast market every day. Made in Barcelona with the best fabrics that we can get from the EU market but still we can be competitive with any other brand out there on quality, price,design and delivery.”


Their designs have a wonderful cut to them, accenting your body perfectly!  I purchased some of  their men’s underwear and men’s swimwear, and they fit comfortable and like a glove!  Many of the swimsuits  features the “Pack Up” system which can easily be removed if aren’t in the mood for extra padding however is perfect for giving you that perfect “beach bulge” if you want it! It does not make your package look HUGE or anything. But it just accentuates your own package nicely and provides a wonderful  smooth fit.

One of the great things about ES Collection Swimwear is the high quality of craftsmanship.  With extras like the metal grommet holes and the plastic tips on the drawstring you’ll never have to “fish” out the drawstring. They also use high quality zippers, rubber logos, and just overall high quality finishing.

Word of advice for  Americans – As for sizing, I would suggest, if ordering from the US, order 1 size larger than usual. Both my partner and I are 32-33″ waist, and would normally buy  Medium – but  their Large fits perfect.  I always find European clothes run smaller than most US brands are labeled.

And who doesn’t love a  SALE!  Each collection features “X” number of pieces in so many sizes. Each year when the new collection is launched, anything that did not sell from the previous collection, is marked down! So when you visit their website ES COLLECTION, make sure you check out the SALE OUTLET.

MUST SEE – VIDEO of the NEWEST ES STYLES and all of their HOT models!

If you are visiting Barcelona, stop by their main store and see the entire collection on display.
Consell de Cent, 218  and right around the corner is ES4U, the outlet store at Casanova, 56!

They also have a shop at 35007 Las Palmas de G.C., Carnary Islands and soon will  have stores in Bilbao, Valencia, and Madrid!
And of course, you can  order worldwide via their ES COLLECTION site!

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Gay Fort Lauderdale Welcomes Wooffest and Miami Celebrates White Party for Thanksgiving

While all the circuit boys will down in Miami for Thanksgiving’s Annual WHITE PARTY, the Bears, Cubs  & Daddies will be spending it in Fort Lauderdale for WOOFFEST! 

The Cabanas Guest House and Gay Nudist Resort reports that BearCiti said  it will be taking over the production of Wooffest starting this year. Wooffest is a yearly event that was created in 2003 by Joe Soler and friends after the unfortunate passing of his partner to suicide. Joe wanted to create an event where he could raise funds and awareness to support suicide prevention and to help those whose lives have been changed by the loss of a loved one.

Wooffest takes place every year during Thanksgiving weekend in beautiful sunny Fort Lauderdale FL. During the weekend you can catch up with old friends and make new lasting friendships with people from all around the world as we all come together to raise funds for a good cause and remember a portion of all the proceeds from the whole weekend are given to non profit agencies which will benefit suicide prevention.

November  26th – 30th, 2008  Check out Wooffest for  more  details!

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