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5 Hot Spots for Gay Travel in Mexico

Machismo is a way of life for many Mexican males, and because of this
inherent homophobia passed on through generations, Mexico was slow to create
LGBT communities — making it a less than desirable destination for gay travelers. Things have come a long way in this beautiful country, and
individual cities and states are opening their arms to the gay community.

In March 2010, Mexico City approved same-sex marriage, and in 2013, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that a ban on same-sex marriage in Oaxaca was unconstitutional. These
incredible advancements for gays in Mexico have cleared a path for more cities
and states to follow.

From all-inclusive, romantic beach vacations to nightlife, city life and
history — many areas have become hot spots for gay travel, and for good
reasons. Whether you’re looking for a vacation destination or a place to settle
down for a while, these top five locales are not only gay-friendly, they have
large LGBT communities too.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta was one of the first coastal locations to
welcome the gay community, and it has transformed into the perfect mix of
beaches, nightlife and culture to suit party-goers, beach bums, foodies and
shoppers alike. Vallarta attracts gay travelers from around the world as well
as the bigger Mexican metropolises of Guadalajara and Mexico City.

Puerto Vallarta offers hotels, restaurants, clubs, guesthouses, bars and
even beaches that cater specifically to the LGBT community. From the famous gay
beach to gay boating adventures, there’s something for everyone in the
incredibly open, friendly and gorgeous Bahia de Banderas area.



Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta

It was Latin Fever…then Vallarta  Fever….now it’s 

THE PVR 2013 Music + Culture Festival!
 It’s still an amazing weekend!  Bigger and better than ever!
 Lots of parties and events and great people watching!


November 27th to December 1st 2013

Wednesday, Nov 27 SUNSET KICK-OFF @ Blue Chairs Rooftop 6pm-10pm

Wednesday, Nov 27 HOLA P.V. @ Paco’s Ranch 10pm-6am

Thursday, Nov 28 THANKSGIVING BASH! @ Enter Nightclub with DJ Hector Fonseca 10pm-6am

Friday, Nov 29 RIPTIDE @ Almar Beach Resort with DJ Manny Lehman 9pm-3am

Friday, Nov 29 AFTER-GLO @ Enter Nightclub with DJ Kidd Madonny décor by 3DX 3am-late (afterhours)*

Saturday, Nov 30 SQUIRT PARTY @ Blue Chairs Rooftop with DJ Kidd Madonny 4pm-9pm

Saturday, Nov 30 THE LEGENDARY WHITE PARTY @ OSCAR’s with DJ Isaac Escalante 10pm-3am

Saturday, Nov 30 WHITE-AFTER @ Enter nightclub 3am-late (afterhours)*

Sunday, Dec 1 ADIOS PVR! Party @ CC Slaughters 10pm-5am

* afterhours events are not included in the weekend pass

To purchase PVR 2013 tickets and weekend passes visit or for more information visit Join us on Facebook at

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So we work with
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Gay Travel News – Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico City CONTINUE TO BE SAFE

 As of this past month, our government here in the US  is still saying, there is no recommendation against travel to Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, and also Mexico City. THEY ARE SAFE!!! 

 So many people are concerned about travel to Mexico – there is a long document online which details the areas to stay away from, but our favorites Guadalajara,  Puerto Vallarta, and also Mexico City  CONTINUE TO BE SAFE places to visit!!
Sponsored by   HOTEL  MERCURIO  Puerto Vallarta


Celebrate Gay Pride in Puerto Vallarta

Celebrate Gay Pride in Puerto Vallarta! 

Puerto Vallarta’s  1st annual LGBT event “Vallarta Pride” will take place this year on the weekend of May 24th,
Events will start with a cocktail kick-off at Puerto Vallarta’s
Casa Cupula Hotel Boutique and continue for three days, celebrating LGBT
culture and Puerto Vallarta’s welcoming community with music festivals,
beach parties, fashion shows, mass commitment ceremony and activities
in participating bars and clubs.
A member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association,
Puerto Vallarta has been a preferred LGBT friendly destination in the
Americas for over 60 years and has an infrastructure that is frequently
included on leading media as gay friendly destination lists. 
Puerto Vallarta offers an LGBT inclusive atmosphere in is Romantic Zone
area which is home to many businesses that are LGBT-owned and/or target
the consumer, including beaches, tours, activities and restaurants bars
and clubs to choose from. LGBT travelers have the option of choosing
from gay friendly resorts, hotels, lodges, bed and breakfasts and guest

The City’s Tourism Department at City Hall, led by Director Carlos
Gerard and Sub-Director Enrique Tovar, aims to increase tourism to the

The 3-day event was created to celebrate the unique and
all-inclusive culture that has flourished in Puerto Vallarta,
successfully integrating the rich traditions of the Mexican culture with
the varied ideas that have been introduced to the local community from
its large expatriate community from all corners of the world including
the US and Canada, and as far afield as Asia, Russia and Europe. The
LGBT community is just one of the many communities that thrives in
Vallarta organizers explained.

Confirmed events for Vallarta Pride 2013
• Opening Reception Vallarta Pride 2013
Friday May 24, 2013 at 9:00 pm
Taste Restaurant at Casa Cupula

• Commitment Ceremony
Saturday May 25, 2013 at 11:00 am
Lido – Beach Club
• Vallarta Pride Fashion Show
Saturday May 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm
Blue Chairs Beach Club
• “HEAT” – Tea Dance
Saturday May 25, 2013 from 4:00 pm
Lido / Blue Chairs
• Vallarta Pride 2013 @Night
Themed Nights at participating bars/lounges/clubs
Saturday May 25, 2013 at 8:00 pm
• Vallarta Pride Parade 2013
Sunday May 26, 2013 from 4:00 pm
Romantic Zone
• Vallarta Pride Festival 2013
Sunday May 26, 2013 from 5:00 pm
Lazaro Cardenas Park / Romantic Zone
For more information visit media partner or the official Puerto Vallarta website
To win a trip to Puerto Vallarta, please visit:
For Pueto Vallarta’s LGBT destination brochure, please click here.


Is It Really Safe to Travel to Puerto Vallarta?

Is it safe to travel to

Puerto Vallarta?

In a word, the answer is BIG yes! It is safe to travel to Puerto

PV is part of the very diverse and large Mexican state of
Jalisco. Some sensational news outlets have incorrectly reported that the US State
Department is warning against all travel to Jalisco. NOT TRUE.

The US Department of State   said for  Puerto Vallarta –  There is no recommendation
against travel to Guadalajara and Puerto
  There is also no recommendation against travel on principal
highways in
Jalisco between Guadalajara including the
portions that cross in to the southern portions of the state of Nayarit.

Also – Mexico City (also known as the Federal District): No advisory is in effect.

Puerto Vallarta’s Tourism Board has commissioned a study from the security consulting firm Thomas Dale and Associates (TDA).
The firm found that “the number of negative events involving foreigners
or non‐foreigners is fractional compared to the large ex‐pat resident
population and the millions of visitors that come to vacation each year
in Puerto Vallarta.”

you can read more at Visit Puerto Vallarta.

Unless you were under a rock the last few years, you could not help but hear how
dangerous  parts of  Mexico has become, and yes, it’s true drug wars have
escalated violence in parts of Mexico. “Collateral damage” the news calls it – which really means  that innocent people
have been robbed, hurt or killed. 


When I went to Vallarta last Spring, a friend told me , “OH MY GOD, I won’t go there any more because of all the kidnapping and robberies!” – I called some friends in PV and they assured me it was NOT happening there. And that is mostly all happening near the border. 


So I went for a week. And everything was fine. Just as it always
was.  I walked the streets Vallarta  alone day or night. I never felt
uncomfortable or scared. 
I’ve been living here for 11 years. And have had ZERO problems
or run-ins with bad guys or police (well, there was that ticket for
using my cellphone while driving…), ” says Paul who owns Hotel Mercurio

“Many cities in the US have much more security problems than PV…or many other Mexican cities, for that matter.


Puerto Vallarta is the most visited gay destination in Mexico.

It has always been a safe place to live and visit and continues to be!


Gay Marriage Comes to Cancun Mexico in 2012 #gaytravel

Everybody wants a
piece of that pink dollar!

The city-state of Mexico City legalized
gay marriage in 2010 and remains the only municipality in Mexico
where such marriages are officially allowed.

Now  Cancun and other resort areas on the Mexican Caribbean will have a new attraction for gay and lesbian couples from the US, Canada 
and Europe, allowing them to legalize their unions thanks to a quirk in
the local civil code, activist Patricia Novelo.

Novelo said that in January the first same-sex group wedding will be
held in the resort area as part of local support for the human rights of
the gay community.

Gay travel groups in the state say they
are now preparing to market the state as a destination for gay
couples to marry and will promote a mass wedding of gay couples
sometime in January. (It was not clear whether the first 8 confirmed
couples would wed in separate ceremonies.)

The gay travel groups say that travel
agencies on average receive about 200 requests per month from gay
tourists wishing to marry in the Mexican Caribbean.


Gay Travel to Playa Del Carmen Mexico


Just 60 kilometers from Cancun, a similar distance from the archaeological Maya site of Tulum, is Playa del Carmen, an old fishermen’s suitege known as Xaman H’a in the Maya language.

Playa, as it is called by its inhabitants and visitors, has now become the second most popular destination on the on the Riviera Maya. Look at that water!! 


Playa del Carmen provides everything one could wish for in a Caribbean location with all the amenities that international travelers require, as well as smaller personalized establishments, numerous bars and discotheques, shopping centers, restaurants serving traditional and international cuisine, cultural centers, water sports and golf.

  It is a fascinating town that attracts visitors from all over the globe who want to see for themselves what it’s all about: to immerse themselves in its atmosphere, feeling the soft white sand underfoot, enjoying the bohemian nightlife on sandy shores and listening to waves break on the beach of Playa del Carmen as they sip a tropical drink. Young people all over the world identify it as the place to go to get to know other cultures and ways of life.


Playa del Carmen lures painters, musicians, dancers and poets looking for ways to leap the boundaries of the every day and enter a fantastic universe, where ideas flow like rivers and creativity springs inspired by nature. The streets of Playa del Carmen are the favorite stage for anyone with a mission: folk dancers, concheros in pre-Hispanic costumes executing their mystic ritual dance, street performances, strolling minstrels who narrate local legends and artisans working at their craft to the fascination of passers-by.

 All along its busy promenades lined with handcrafted stores a mere sampling of Mexican and International creativity and on the city’s famous Playa del Carmen Fifth Avenue, meeting place of extravagant characters, visitors can taste the delicious local dishes at any of numerous sidewalks cafes, where a marimba, trio from Veracruz or heavy rock band entice diners inside. Playa del Carmen, once a sleepy fishing suitege, ensconced in the very heart of the Riviera Maya, Mexico is now one the fastest growing communities in the world. Playa del Carmen has a first-class hotel infrastructure and all the services of a cosmopolitan tourism destination.


On the horizon, the hazy outline of the legendary island of Cozumel beckons. Regularly scheduled ferries take visitors from Playa del Carmen to the Mexico’s largest island and world renowned diving site, where turquoise blue waters entice divers to discover the coral wonders hidden beneath the surface.

Playa del Carmen has been transformed in recent years in the most popular destination for the gay community. This   Mexican paradise offers the gay community all the services necessary for their stay, from hotels, restaurants, private beaches, bars and discos.  Mexico is considered a destination gayfriendly, and Playa del Carmen is adding gay clubs and restaurants, all the time.

TO STAY – we recommend  Acanto Boutique Hotel, known as one of the best boutique hotels in Playa del Carmen. Set behind Hacienda style gates and built around a lush tropical courtyard with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sun decks and chaise lounges for sunbathing, we offer a cozy Romantic yet family friendly atmosphere where their  experienced staff will cater to your every need.

All of the guestrooms are very deluxe!  And include Full kitchens, Granite counter tops, air conditioning, ceiling fans, Plazma TVs and phones, balconies or terraces and private bathrooms. There is  free wireless Internet access in the lobby area, free on-site parking beach club access and discounted Gym and spa rates.


Just one block from the beach which is adorned with miles of powdery white sand and clear blue waters and just 1/2 block from Playa’s popular 5th Avenue which offers an array of shopping and dining experiences!

Playa del Carmen, magic, eclectic and yet steeped in tradition is the doorway to those who want to enjoy the natural beauty and culture of the Mayan World, explore the region, mingle with its people and discover the parks of the Riviera Maya.

Today, the new alternative to traditional tourism is eco-adventure travel that offers everything from walks through exuberant jungles to millenary cenotes (sinkholes) and Mayan suiteges, cave diving in the underground river system to solitary lagoons, refuge of monkeys and other marvelous wildlife.

Try it!  You will love it!

Playa Del Carmen Acanto Boutique Hotel


Gay Travel to Cancun Mexico

The Mayan Riviera (Riviera Maya) is the coastline from Cancún down to Tulúm. It is fast becoming the vacation destination of choice for the international LGBT gay community. They are all the same reasons that heterosexual families flock to the Méxican Caribbean – the paradise setting; the tropical weather; the beautiful beaches; the Mayan archaeological sites; the party atmosphere; the food, drink and fun. However, there is the added benefit that, unlike many other countries, México welcomes them. The gay vacationer can enjoy the same civil rights as at home or, in some cases, even exceed them.

For years Puerto Vallarta has been a haven for gays, but now many other areas like Cancun are becoming hotspots.

In 2009, federal law legalized same-sex marriage, though it was up to the individual states whether they wished to allow this under state law. So far, México City and the state of Coahuila have signed up, but Quintana Roo can’t be far behind. It is also legal in México for transgender people to officially change their name and gender; and for homosexuals to adopt children.

The Riviera Maya isn’t awash with exclusively gay resorts and clubs, though they do exist. This is mainly because it’s not seen as that big a deal. Gay men and women just merge with their heterosexual counterparts, simply eyeing up a different gender in the clubs.

Nightlife in Cancun doesn’t really get started until 10pm or later, and lasts until 5 in the morning. Looking for addresses in Cancun can be tricky, but the cab drivers know most of clubs by name. Buses run frequently between El Centro and Zona Hotelera and El Centro is walkable.

Cancún traditionally hosts an International Gay Festival in May and a smaller festival in the fall. There is a Pride Parade in the city during June.

But there is another reason to go to Cancun. On a recent visit there, I ran into some gay guys on the beach who said they were visiting from Palm Springs. For vacation, but also for dental work! 

Besides the white sandy beaches and gorgeous water (the Caribbean has 7-different colors of turquoise!), cosmetic surgeries and dental procedures  can be had with huge savings. Sometimes as much as 70% off what you pay in the United States.

This couple were having Porcelain Veneers done while vacationing 9 days in Cancun! How great is that! And what they saved in Mexico on the work, more than paid for their entire trip!

Of course you want to choose a doctor or dentist that has all of the proper accreditations.  And check references and testimonials.  This particular couple was using Cancun Dentistry .  And they couldn’t say enough good things about the doctor and his staff.

While in Cancun you won’t want to miss a trip to the Mayan ruins at Ruinas del Rey and Yamil Lu’um, both in the Zona Hotelera. Whatever you do while in Cancun, you are sure to have an amazing tropical vacation. And you can even walk away with a new smile!

Read  More  at  ENDLESS CANCUN .

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Gay Travel to Mexico City is About to Get a Big Boost

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled last week, that a law allowing same-sex marriages in Mexico City is constitutional, rejecting an appeal by federal prosecutors who argued it violated the charter’s guarantees to protect the family.

The justices’ 8-2 ruling handed a legal victory to hundreds of same-sex couples who have been married in Mexico’s capital since the landmark law took effect March 4. When approved last December , it was the first law in Latin America explicitly giving gay marriages the same status as heterosexual ones, including adoption.

NOW EVEN MORE NEWS!  Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled yesterday  THAT ALL  31 states MUST recognize same-sex marriages performed in the capital, though its decision does not force those states to begin marrying gay couples in their territory.

In a 9-2 decision, the tribunal cited an article of the constitution requiring states to recognize legal contracts drawn up elsewhere.

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Gay Friendly – What Does That Mean? Let the LGBT Buyer Beware

WE were just talking about this the other day; how so many companies are coming forward, some very sincere,  some not so sincere, in wanting to be “gay-friendly”. 

Karen Ocamb from the  Los Angeles  Frontiers Magazine , tells of recent not so “gay friendly” incident  that happened in Cancun.  A California gay couple had relied on a gay-friendly travel agency (Expedia) to select a gay-friendly hotel — which turned out not to be gay-friendly at all.

While in Cancun at their hotel, “At lunch Eric and I were holding hands. A waiter came over to our table and told us that public displays of affection were not allowed at the Gran Melia since it was “family hotel.” When we pointed out the straight couple holding hands across the room he reminded us that it was over the fact we are gay.  The waiter became very hostile towards us and I had to step in the way to cool down both Eric and the bigot waiter.

We then went to the front desk and told them the situation.  We were promised an upgrade to a suite over our whole ordeal.  The general manager of the hotel followed us to our room and told us that the Gran Melia is not a gay friendly hotel.  It is a “family hotel” and if we wanted a gay friendly hotel to go down the road.  He even gave us a list of other hotels.  I asked him to refund our money and we would be glad to make a reservation at one of the other hotels.  He said he was not willing to do it.”

“On our check out the last day the general manager tried so hard to get every dollar out of us that he could.  He tried to charge us for food and drinks that had been included in our all inclusive stay.  He made us wait to leave until the room was checked for any damages.  And he threatened to call the police if we left before that.  He and Eric got into a verbal altercation in the lobby, and he again threatened to call the police.  I have heard the stories of people being thrown in Mexican jails for no reason with no way out and I was scared for my freedom.  I paid whatever nonsense charges he threw at me so that I could ensure my safety and leave the hotel as soon as possible. This weekend was not a vacation for me.

 We have since spoken to Expedia who has removed the hotel,  Gran Melia Cancun off of their gay friendly hotel category.  They spoke to the hotel who stood strong on their homophobic stance, claiming that it is a “family” hotel. “

I am curious to know if there was any discussion or problems upon arrival and  check-in?

Read their whole story on Huffington Post .

The bottom line is how did this hotel get on their list?
Someone needs to be held accountable but also, do your homework.

Big players  like  “W” and Kimpton, we know are LGBT friendly places.  Smaller properties, I would beware. I would have checked the hotel out better, before booking it. HUGE companies like Expedia and Orbitz are trying to be everything, to everyone, I think.  You need to look  for  things like IGLTA and  TAG  APPROVED  logos   and  also  cross check with sites like Purple Roofs , and even Pink Choice.  Heck, you can even email us  and check out our Best Gay Cities  site. We are more than happy to point you in the right direction to the right sources.

It is my understanding, Expedia just started working with IGLTA ,  so maybe  Expedia has now realized they need some kind of criteria to follow so this doesn’t happen again.

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Gay Travel in Mexico – 4 LGBT Places For Your Next Gay Vaction South of the Border

Gay Travel
          in Mexico!

Even though Mexico is largely Catholic and machismo it’s surprisingly welcoming to LGBT gay and lesbian vacationers. Homosexuality is legal in Mexico and large gay communities, which flourish in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, have made sure that anti-discrimination laws are in place and respected. PLUS, you can get married now in Mexico.

For years Puerto Vallarta has been a top choice for LGBT travel. But there are other spots as well to be considered in Mexico. 

Mexico City seems to be trying to win some kind of award for being the most liberal city in Latin America. In fact, Mexico as a country has won an award: gay Destination of the Year by the PlanetOut Travel Awards, which recognize gay-friendly tourist destinations. Past winners have included Barcelona and Buenos Aires.

According to Mexico City blog DFinitivo, the world’s largest city has been  actively courting the gay travel dollar, and the Secretary of Tourism for DF has joined the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association to prove it. Gay travelers will be welcomed with specialized maps outlining areas of interest for nightlife, cultural events and more. They are not trying to make money off the gays, but just do whatever they can to be welcoming. Mexico City  recently became the  first major city in Latin America to legalize gay marriage!

The lure of Mexico City is irresistible. The most populated metropolis in the world boasts colonial mansions and excavated pyramids alongside fabulous museums and galleries, all shadowed by the concrete and glass of modern development. Above all, the city is exciting, sometimes intimidating, always bewildering and boldly alive.

The main attractions in Mexico City are centered in a few distinct areas, including the Zona Rosa, the Historic Center (the Zocalo area), Alameda Park, Chapultepec Park,and the “Zona Sur”, or Southern Zone. Additionally, the adjoining neighborhoods of Condesa and Roma are trendy areas with good restaurants and cafes, nightlife, quality architecture, and, home to more gays than elsewhere in the city.

When you think of Acapulco, you probably don’t  think  gay. With sunny Pacific beaches wedged between clean waters and craggy mountains, Acapulco is popular with gays and straights alike.

Gay bars and clubs in Acapulco (as opposed to other Mexican cities) tend to be almost treacherously flamboyant and tacky places where people throw good taste to the Pacific port breeze while partying. Don’t expect anything that feels refined or upscale, as that’s not what Acapulco is about. You’ll find, more so than in American gay bars, that strippers are an almost ubiquitous fixture in Acapulco.

Lots of beautiful men that would would say even rivals the likes of Rio de Janeiro’s Ipanema. There is a cruisey area called  “the rocks“, where sunbathers fling off their Speedos and go au natural! Around sunset can be very cruisy. In the last year, Acapulco has seen  a new infusion of luxury accommodations, as well as a growing gay scene, Acapulco is once again showing up on the itinerary of gay globetrotters.

Puerto Vallarta is the number one gay tourist destination in all of Mexico. Sitting on one of the world’s most beautiful natural bays, Puerto Vallarta is welcoming, friendly and enchanting. The Zona Romantica, located on the south end, is very quaint and very gay.  You will see rainbow flags and couples holding hands. There is a huge gay beach and it’s popular and busy year round.

Puerto Vallarta is a lively small city of red tiled roofs and cobblestone streets, roosters, donkeys and iguanas, friendly locals, expatriates and fun loving tourists. Nestled between the brilliant Banderas Bay and the lush tropical forests of the Sierra Madre mountains on the west coast of Mexico west, Puerto Vallarta is known for its long sandy beaches, beautiful ocean and mountain views, handsome men, happening nightlife and its many fine restaurants. Whether sunbathing at the popular gay beach, sailing on one of the gay cruises, bike riding along the Cuale River, whale watching on sun drenched Banderas Bay or dancing the night away at one of your favorite local gay bars, there is something for you to adore and fall in love and Discover gay Puerto Vallarta!

GUADALAJARA is said to be perhaps Latin America’s most underrated gay urban getaway.  Gay travel writer Andrew Collins  says its, “friendly, culturally rich, and affordable city of Guadalajara, the second-largest metropolis in Mexico, which somewhat to my surprise, has a remarkably vibrant gay scene.

I’d long heard about the elegant buildings and churches that make up the city’s historic center, the stylish shops and cafes of the fashionable suburb of Tlaquepaque, and the easy proximity to the beloved town of Tequila, home to the Sauza, Jose Cuervo, and numerous other fine distilleries. Indeed, there’s much to see and do in Guadalajara and the surrounding region.

But I hadn’t known that the city has nearly two-dozen gay bars as well as gay-friendly colonial B&Bs and plenty of welcoming restaurants and cafes, the majority of them within easy walking distance of the central Plaza Tapatia.”

 Can I just say, Guadalajara has some HOT MEN! Just a few hours from Puerto Vallarta, many travelers to the area try to include both of these cities on their iternerary.

Graceful mansions and towering churches, old homes coverted to B&B’s and a couple dozen gay bars and clubs. Some have called this town the San Francisco of Mexico. Everything from swanky lounges and intimate hot spots to big multi-level discos. Most everything is just a stroll from  the downtowns Plaza Tapita.

1.5 million people live within the city limits and nearly 5 million people reside in the metro region, Guadalajara feels more laid-back and manageable than most cities its size.

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Common Sense Gay and Lesbian Travel Trips from Fabugo

MEXICO – In the News –

An increase in drug-related violence along the U.S. and Mexico border
has prompted the U.S. Department of State to issue a Travel Alert for U.S. citizens traveling to Mexico.
MOST Mexico destinations ARE NOT affected. And while not advising against travel to Mexico, the alert does offer  common sense precautions that all travelers should take when visiting Mexico.(or ANY other foreign city, for that matter). 

 As a provider of travel for the gay and lesbian community, Fabugo is committed to providing our customers the tools and information to help make their Mexico or any vacation a safe one.

“When planning a vacation to Mexico, there are several factors to consider, but probably the most
important is location,” said Jason Rhen, Fabugo’s Managing Director. “There are several gay-popular
resorts like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, which are all a great
distance from the violence and media attention
. We always urge our customers to travel smart and
be safe, regardless of their destination.”

Gay and lesbian travelers should always be aware and never be complacent when traveling to Mexico
resort destinations. As always, it is critical that gay and lesbian travelers exercise common sense
practices to help ensure their safety, including:

• Pre-plan your transportation from the airport to your hotel. This is best through a contracted
transfer company usually available with a vacation package purchase. Fabugo offers
roundtrip airport/hotel transfers to contracted hotels within Mexico vacation destinations.

• Do not travel, walk, hike or tour alone. It is always best to travel with at least one other
person, preferably in a group. Do not walk at night in unlighted areas where there is little
tourist activity. Use common sense in regard to public displays of affection.

• Choose your hotel in a popular tourist location selecting one that works with U.S. tour
operators and maintains those contacts. Fabugo offers a large variety of hotels in resort areas
and maintains relationships and contact with them.

• Avoid drinking too much to ensure you are always aware of your surroundings and can act
appropriately in any situation. Make sure you drink with friends and that you leave with them
to return to your hotel.

• If you travel away from the tourist areas of your destination, be sure to only do so with a
registered tour guide or tour company. Fabugo offers scheduled tours for our customers that
can be arranged with a contracted tour company when you book your vacation.

Avoid being a target for robbery. Keep cash, jewelry and other items hidden; keep passport  and other documents in a safe in your room. (To be extra safe, make a photo copy of your passport as well. Just in case). Do not use an ATM at night. Be careful at the beach. Common sense can help you avoid a vacation-ruining crime.

• Remember to be careful. Mexico is not the Castro in San Francisco and the culture is typically
much more conservative. Always remain conscious of your surroundings and use common
sense to ensure you don’t make poor judgements.

Fabugo remains committed to providing our customers with fabulous vacation experiences in Mexico
and is proud to offer a quality vacation product to gay and lesbian-popular resort destinations. We urge gay and lesbian travelers to always travel smart and make safety your number one priority when traveling anywhere, including Mexico.

Right now Fabugo’s gay and lesbian customers can book a dream Mexico vacation to a number of
resort destinations and save $100 off their already low package price. Combined with great values
offered by many of the hotels that we feature, your Mexico vacation might be closer than you think.
Enter FABMEX100 into the Promotion Code box when booking your vacation to receive the discount.
To receive the discount the vacation booked must be four nights or longer with at least two people on
the reservation. Your Mexico vacation must be booked by December 31, 2009 with travel complete
by March 31, 2010 to enjoy the discount. Other restrictions may apply.

Gay & Lesbian Mexico Hot Deals!

About Fabugo…

Fabugo is the premier source for gay and lesbian vacation travel offering our customers a broad
range of travel products, fabulous low prices, incomparable customer service and unique destination
content. Fabugo offers air, car, tours, shows and more than 20,000 hotels worldwide including
GayComfort Accredited properties. To book your vacation with Fabugo or for more information, visit
your local travel professional and ask for
Fabugo. Easy...Travel Proud.


¿Viva La Revolucion? ¡Relajar América! ABSOLUT VODKA AD SCANDAL

ABSOLUT found themseleves in some hot mess drama this week! Bowing to pressure, Absolut has pulled the ad and is “refocusing” efforts in the Latin American marketplace, specifically in Mexico. The creative, early 19th century map showing chunks of the United States as a part of Mexico, has angered many American and Mexican consumers. CNN even covered it!

(*a note from the Historical Accuracy Department & Wikipedia: the map used is historically accurate up until 1848 when the United States, under President James K. Polk, invaded Mexico and seized Mexico City after the Mexican government refused to acknowledge the United States’ annexation of Texas.)

According to my blogging buddy Ryan Arnold The Ad Guy,  – Let’s put this into perspective, people. Absolut Vodka is a Global brand. Hence, they undertake marketing initiatives that are geared toward specific consumers located in various parts of the Globe. In the case of this ad, it was part of an outdoor and print campaign in Mexico City, Cancun, and other larger Mexican cities. This ad was not geared for the US General Market – it was placed in Mexico and targeted Mexican consumers. When media outlets throughout the Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California caught wind, many tried to spin the ad as Absolut weighing in on immigration and citizenship reform. Absolut released this statement on their website:

“In no way was this meant to offend or disparage, nor does it advocate an altering of borders, nor does it lend support to any anti-American sentiment, nor does it reflect immigration issues.”

Recognize this advertisement for what it is: another in the long list of clever advertising we’ve come to know and love from Absolut Vodka. You can view a fine collection of Absolut Vodka ads (some less controversial than others) here
. France’s Pernod-Ricard is taking over Absolut Vodka, one of the world’s top-selling spirits, after buying government owned Vin & Spirir earlier this year.

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Rosie O’Donnell and Danny Noriega and Cyndi Lauper


If you make it to the top 20 on American Idol, and are good enough, there’s a very good chance you will get work! Cutie Danny Noriega may have been voted off last week, but within days, had an offer from Rosie O’Donnell!

Rosie O’Donnell was filming a video blog while appearing on Kathy Griffin’s “Life on the D-List” – In one on the posts she  presented Danny with an offer to come cruise with her and Cyndi Lauper on an R Family Cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

    “I don’t know if you have to sit around the American Idol studio and look sad for the next few weeks — because I think that’s part of the contract,” joked O’Donnell. “[But] you got a free cruise. You and a friend.”

But O’Donnell expects the young singer to work for his vacation. “Come on there, and I want you to sing ‘Tainted Love,’” she says. “I think you’re fantastic. And I think you’re a bold and brave and beautiful young man. And I admire you, Danny Noriega. You have an amazing voice. And your hair looks good straight.”

Also on the cruise: O’Donnell’s pal and True Colors Tour partner Cyndi Lauper. The combination, O’Donnell says, would make a perfect duet — or trio! Says the comedienne: “You can sing with her — and me — onstage.”

You go girl(s)!

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World’s First Condo-Hotel for the Gay Community Opens in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Excited crowds turned out Saturday for the inauguration of The Private Residences at Casa Cupula, the worlds first fractional condo-hotel developed exclusively for the gay community. As noted last weekend by the New York Times Travel section: Puerto Vallarta is becoming gayer by the year and [taking over] as Mexicos leading gay beach. Dozens of new and innovative gay-owned businesses in the Romantic Zone are being enjoyed by tourists of all stripes. Now this innovative new project plants the seeds for a new form of vacation home ownership, which resonates with many gay professionals.

Casa Cupula has employed a successful formula combining the services and amenities of a fine boutique hotel resort with the ambience and warmth of a gay guesthouse.  Named as one of the world’s “Top 5 Most Luxurious” gay guesthouses by, “over 97% of our guests tell us they would return to Casa Cupula.”

High end hotels such as The Four Seasons and The Ritz Carlton are creating luxury fractional ownership projects worldwide, and now Casa Cupula is doing the same for gay vacationers. Having established a reputation as one of the leading luxury gay resorts in the world since its inception in 2002, Casa Cupula is responding to a real need from guests: We have many guests who have purchased homes and condos in Puerto Vallarta after staying with us, said developer Don Pickens, founder, Milagro Properties, but they regretted having to trade off Casa Cupulas ambience and services because they wanted to buy real estate. Now we can offer the best of both worlds.

The Private Residences at Casa Cupula has also found success with an unexpected audience: younger gay professionals. Many gay people in the US live in or near major cities, where the cost of buying a first home has grown out of reach for many young buyers. Twenty-seven year old San Francisco resident and financial planner Mike Gregg, an early buyer, recounted, Buying into real estate in the Bay Area is out of reach for me, even on a professional salary. So I chose to make my first investment at Casa Cupula. I know Ill use the vacation time, and when I cant, theyll manage it and rent it out for me. With rental income offsetting the costs, it can work out to a free vacation each year. And I still get the chance for capital appreciation.

Often confused with timeshares, which are usually time-limited usage contracts, fractional interests offer fully deeded ownership in perpetuity in four-week periods. With a minimal capital investment buyers still own part of a luxury home of the highest quality.


Puerto Vallarta Mexico Latin Fever and Vallarta Fever

Club Manana (the hottest gay club in Puerto Vallarta) launched Vallarta Fever in association with Naked Sword. It was a great week of parties with lots of great entertainment, porn stars, and hot men!

  Diana’s Gay Cruise. WHAT A GREAT TIME! Now in her 8th year she offers cruises 10am-5pm one or two days  a week, depending on the season.  $75, continental breakfast, snacks, unlimited beer and open bar (national brands), lunch on shore with a beer or beverage and snorkeling at several different stops throughout the day. It was a great day, a Thanksgiving Day to remember for sure, a beautiful tour of PV’s waterfront and Diana and her staff were awesome! – She just started a Monday night sunset cruise as well. Well worth checking out.

              /images/39531-36457/cafe_des_artistes.jpg” border=”0″ width=”200″>

My favorite restaurant in PV for the WOW impact is still Cafe’ des Artistes. This renowned cafe claims to be “one of the best restaurants in the world” and has the reviews to support that notion. Chef Thierry Blouet was recently named a Maitre Cuisenaire de France. The menu changes seasonally; a recent offering included grilled lamb chops cooked with local spices and balsamic vinegar, served with a garlic creme brulee. The desserts are also extraordinary. The self-described dress code is “dressy to casual,” but you may wish to dress up a bit. The patio is gorgeous and romantic – if you can get a seat out there!

While in Vallarta, someone had told us about  this restaurant called  EL ARRAYAN. They have been voted Best Mexican In Vallarta three years in a row  by Frommers Guide. And they serve RAICILLA. Raicilla, pronounced “rye-see-ya”, is the local moon shine. It is distilled in crude, primitive stills from a fermented mash made from the roots ( raicilla means “little root” ) of the maguey plant and usually more than 100 proof. Since it is produced without government license, and sold without government tax, it is illegal in the same sense that moonshine is illegal in the United States. Its production is one of the traditional local arts, and it is found only in this area.

Night of The Iguana, Predator, and Kill Bill 2,  was filmed had been closed down and I was told they were putting in condos in the area! All of the area’s outside of the old town are being built up with condos, more hotels and exclusive communities. 

 They say that paradise is a state of mind. When all of the ingredients are of the highest quality, it can also be a place. Puerto Vallarta Mexico qualifies for this high distinction!


Gay Weekend Latin Fever in Puerto Vallarta

Latin Fever 10 aims to heat things up over the Thanksgiving holiday. Presented annually by promoters Will Gorges and Gilles Belanger, expect a fiesta of sun, sand and wild hedonism!

Now in its tenth year, the organizers hope that the event will be more intimate and friendly than other parties on the circuit. Drawing men from all over Mexico, the party also gets a large contingency from the West Coast, Toronto, and Europe, specifically London and Amsterdam.

It all started 10 years ago promoter Will Gorges remembers… “Everyone was going to Miami for Thanksgiving for the WHITE PARTY. Myself, I was tired of going to Miami. I wanted something different. I had been to Puerto Vallarta before and came back for another visit and was amazed at the growth and how many gay people were coming here. So, we threw our first party! It was sort of a Mexican Fiesta and a few dozen people came that first year!”

Ten years later, a couple thousand people come now! Puerto Vallarta is affordable. “You can rent a condo or a villa and bring a whole group of friends. It’s not your typical circuit party weekend. In comparison to Miami where there are about 30 parties in 5 days. Party, party, party. LATIN FEVER offers a relaxing gay weekend vacation with a handful of parties thrown in.”

DJs and guests will include
DJ Cary Stringfellow from LA, DJ Oscar Velazquez from Mexico City, DJ Ramses from PV and featuring drag icon Lady Bunny from New York City and international club diva Sofonda Cox from Toronto Canada!

Parties include the legendary WHITE PARTY on Friday November 23rd at Oscars on the Rio Cuale, SQUIRT Party on the Rooftop of the Blue Chairs Resort, and the SUNSET POOL PARTY on the rooftop of Brisas Del Mar Hotel! PLUS, many more surprises!



          LATIN FEVER is only one reason to go to Puerto Vallarta! Over the last 10 years, PV has gotten gayer and gayer! “This is what the Castro used to be 20 years ago,” said Clay Berger, a hair stylist at Puerto Vallarta’s upscale blu by len salon and spa. The former Santa Rosa resident was referring to the gayest part of the city, Zona Romantica, where blu prominently displays the rainbow flag. The shop is on the neighborhood’s main street, Olas Altas, and across the street from two gay bars and a gay restaurant.

An article in the Bay Area Reporter  stated,”A couple of guys from Los Angeles, Peter Deep, and his business partner, Shaun Butler, made a huge impact on Puerto Vallarta’s gay nightlife when they opened the Ma ana nightclub in November 2006. It quickly established a following among locals who were ready for a change from the established Club Paco Paco. And where the locals went, the tourists followed, making Ma ana the most popular gay club in Puerto Vallarta. A handful of other smaller gay bars have opened over the past couple of years and there are even more gay and gay-friendly hotels and bed and breakfasts to give LGBT travelers plenty of options.

Discover Vallarta! – a great gay travel guide!)

Nightlife is hotter than ever in PV.

The upscale Mañana club has an indoor disco but its centerpiece is its open-air pool surrounded by a dance floor and seating areas. It’s open until 6 a.m. during the week and until 8 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

The owner of the  Gay Guide Vallarta  explained that a big part of Mañana’s runaway success was that it was able to obtain a late-night operating permit. That attracts locals who work in the restaurants and hotels and need someplace to go after the night shift. Buses don’t start operating until around 5 a.m., so it’s critical to have a place where they can stay late. Tourists, in turn, want to go where there are a lot of locals.


Gay Puerto Vallarta



Puerto Vallarta is getting so gay friendly, it is one of my favorite travel spots. It’s a beautiful little old town filled with galleries and 5-star restaurants, at great prices! They also have over 15 gay bars and nightclubs. On their gorgeous sandy beaches, each hotel has different colored lounge chairs. The gay area is the blue chairs. While you lounge and sip tropical drinks, young men wait on you all day and treat you like a king. (or a queen!).


Puerto Vallarta was a small town based on agriculture and fishing until 1963, when Hollywood director John Huston chose his site for the filming of Tennessee Williams’ brilliant play

“The Night of the Iguana” in the small fishing village of Mismaloya, ten miles south of Vallarta. The movie starred Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr and Elizabeth Taylor. I highly recommend taking a self-guided tour of the location. There are miles of streams and waterfalls and hardly any tourists go up to see it – so it’s very peaceful and quiet and beautiful!

I would also recommend staying at a gay hotel or villa. There are plenty to choose from right in town. You don’t want to stay out of the city at a chain hotel. Take advantage of the hospitality and charm of the locals right downtown.

Discovery Vallarta is Puerto Vallarta’s only gay reservation service that also specializes in villa and condo vacation rentals. I happened to stay at amazing villa tucked away in the hills of downtown. It was not gay owned, but very welcoming.